Planner Kit

Waaahhooo! Paponei's Planner Kit is back! Yay! We're excited for the new launch ?. A jam-packed kit awaits you?! Limited slots only.

Planner Kit Size and Prices:
Pocket P800
Personal P900
A5 P1100
TN P1000
Happy Planner Mini P1000
Happy Planner Classic P1300

New! Planner Starter Kit (includes 1 planner)

New! Planner Journal Kit (includes 1 journal /notebook)


Each kit may include:
9 papers (or dashboard dividers), 5 Stickers, 4 sets of planner refills (yes!), notepad, pen, and a lot more!
Viber: 0922.883.1516

Designed by: @theworldoffraffee